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These vector art files are available in EPS (encapsulated post-script) and WMF (windows meta-file) formats.

Keyboard 01 = _EPS_ / _WMF_ This music keyboard is made by joining up one octave. Append or cut to suit.

Guitar 01 = _EPS_ / _WMF_ This graphic is from the neck-nut to the bridge only. But it is actually very accurate.

Minangkabau Seal = _EPS_ / _WMF_ This picture is of the outer section of the Royal Seal of the Minangkabau. The inner section would have been in arabic. I think other malay states also use a similar seal.

All graphics created by T. Yahaya Abdullah

Note : You may freely use and copy these files so long as it is not for any commercial purpose. If in doubt, ask me, OK?

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